Soon you will have to reinstall the client

from Karsten Scholz
In the coming week, the developers of Path of Exile Patch 3.11.2 will play on the live server and with the update create the technical requirements for the Heist League. The changes made in the course of the patch are so profound that you have to download and reinstall the client.

You have surely noticed: On September 18th the will start on PC New Heist League from Path of Exile (Console Heroes wait until September 23rd). In preparation, the developers of Grinding Gear Games will play patch 3.11.2 on the live server in the coming week and make a number of profound technical changes with the update.

On the official website of the action RPG yesterday, on September 8th, there were concrete details about patch 3.11.2:

  • With the patch, the developers will change the way in which game data is saved and retained. This ensures faster patch downloads (also on Steam), faster pre-loading of assets in the game world (which should be particularly noticeable for players without a fast SSD hard drive) as well as an improved quality of the textures.
  • All audio data of the game will be exported to the latest version of the audio library as part of the conversion.
  • The changes are so deep that once the update is released, all players will have to re-download and install Path of Exile.
  • With Patch 3.11.2 or the new Heist League comes the macOS version of PoE.
  • In addition, with the update, the developers create the prerequisites for Path of Exile (buy now ) will also be available in the future from the Epic Games Store.

We will of course keep you up to date in the coming week as soon as Patch 3.11.2 is online and you can start the download. Are you looking forward to the new Heist League?

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