Sought-after special edition greatly reduced

The Switch may have gotten a bit old, but to this day the Nintendo handheld is one of the absolute bestsellers of consoles! The new Special Edition is currently available at a particularly affordable price thanks to a discount code – collectors can make a real bargain this way!

Nintendo Switch

Update from January 22nd, 2021: Even before the official start of sales of the limited Nintendo Switch “Red & Blue Edition”, you can buy the console at a sensational price of just one thanks to an eBay voucher 305.50 euros to back up. For comparison: the special edition normally costs 329.99 euros at retailers like Amazon.

Use the voucher code POWEREBAY6, at the price of 325 euros 305.50 euros to reduce. You can only enter the discount code at the checkout.

Nintendo Switch: The price history of the normal console version at a glance

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market in Germany since March 2017. In 2019, a version that was optically identical to the original switch was launched, but had a longer runtime due to a more energy-efficient chip and was given a slightly improved display. The 2019 version has now completely replaced the older version in production and sales, if you buy a new console today, it is practically always the 2019 version. In a separate article, we explain the differences between Nintendo Switch 2017 and 2019 in detail, and explain how you can distinguish them using the serial number and packaging.

There was no official MSRP for the Switch, at the market launch in 2017 the console cost around 330 euros. The console is amazingly stable to this day. Aside from price promotions, you still have to pay around 300 euros for a new console three and a half years after the release.

A closer look at the price development: At the end of November 2019, shortly before Black Friday, the previous best price for the Switch was reached at just under 252 euros – but throughout November 2019 the console was often available for 260 to 280 euros. After that, the console was occasionally still available for less than 300 euros, but a production and delivery shortage in spring and summer 2020 thwarted all buyers who were hoping for a lower price. The reason was the corona pandemic and the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizon, which is certainly also related to it, which catapulted the demand for new consoles to a level well above supply from April 2020. Sometimes you couldn't get the Switch online or in stores without a delivery time of several weeks – or abnormal prices were charged. The situation only relaxed in late summer 2020 and the Switch was available again in stores. In autumn 2020 you could purchase the console selectively in the price range 280 to 290 euros, on Black Friday 2020 the best price on eBay with a coupon code was 269 euros – but was only available for around 90 minutes.

Should you decide to buy a Switch, you can also consider taking out a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. These games are available for free:

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Nintendo Switch Online: New free SNES games including Star Fox 2

We wish everyone who has decided to buy this console: Have fun playing! You will not regret the purchase.

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