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Ambitious players try to collect as much soul ash as possible in WoW Shadowlands so that they can later craft and upgrade legendary items. As recently discovered, soul ash is not only obtained from Torghast or related quests, but also through the new mission system (adventure)

Also in WoW Shadowlands we have the possibility to send our recruited NPC followers on missions. The whole thing is called Adventure Mode in Shadowlands. For the new expansion, the developers have even revamped the combat system a bit. The rewards are not as boring as they were before. As has now been discovered, you can even find the precious one Soul ash get over missions if you manage to complete the tricky missions.

WoW: Soul ash is also available via missions (adventures) (1)

WoW: Soul ash is also available via missions (adventure) (1)

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Soul ash Otherwise you only get from Torghast or certain campaign quests. How much of it you get is also limited per week. So this news is already a big deal. Those who have diligently leveled their adventurers up to now and are not so keen on Torghast can do a lot of missions this week Soul ash collect.

From the screenshots we have seen so far, your followers should have reached a reasonably high level (18+) to have a chance at all to successfully complete the difficult Soul Ashes mission. These missions grant 100 and 120 soul ashes – so not that little. A good indicator of whether your followers have a chance of leaving the adventure victorious is, as mentioned, the level of the mission compared to your adventurers and the attack value (sword symbol), which should ideally be above that of your opponents.

Completing the Soul ashes -Missions is not a must for the weekly cap, however. Whoever has completed the introductory quest and three levels of each of the two Torghast dungeons should use the maximum for the first ID Soul ash got out.

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