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Soul ash serves as a central resource when crafting Legendarys in Shadowlands. Therefore, you should make sure to collect them manually at the end of a Thorgast run. It was not originally sent by post and customer support was unable to restore any soul ashes. But now there is a change.

Update, 11/28/2020: The WoW developers have installed a hotfix on the Shadowlands live server, which ensures that soul ashes that you did not collect will now be sent to you by post. The full patch notes for the hotfixes of November 27, 2020 can be found in the official WoW forum.

Original message: Soul ash is one of the central resources in WoW Shadowlands: You need soul ash to produce legendary items. It is all the more annoying when individual amounts of soul ash are lost. This happened to some players who contacted Blizzard Support because they did not collect their soul ashes from the opponents in Torghast and expected it to be mailed to them. But that is clearly not the case.

The WoW developers write in an official support post that players have to loot the soul ashes. Otherwise it disappears forever in the swirling nether – and neither the postmaster nor the customer support can bring it back. The Entry on the support website reads in detail (translated by us):

"known problems

  • I just finished my run but forgot to loot the soul ash, can it be restored?
  • The soul ashes I captured were not sent to me.

Soul ash should be manually looted at the end of a run. The game will attempt to assign any soul ash that is not collected at the next relog after a run has been completed, but there is no guarantee of that. Soul ash cannot be restored by customer support."

So if you've forgotten to pick up your soul ashes, there is still a chance that you will be able to bag them at the next relog and run in the Tower of the Damned. But it is better not to rely on it, but rather take the important resource with you directly.

source: Wowhead

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