In Sound Mind, a somewhat clichéd psychologist-going-crazy-story combines with original ideas and an eeriness that even beginners can endure: You like horror, but are not so hardened? Then write down the release date.

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After the first few hours in the game, the upcoming scary game wakes up In Sound Mind the impression of being pretty solid: with nice graphics, surprising original ideas and an interesting story lets you slip into the skin of a psychologist, whose spirit you gradually explore in changing buildings. As in many games in this sub-genre, you gradually learn more about his patients beyond memories – and also find out the reason for his own suffering.

The thing is, In Sound Mind isn’t the first game of its kind, and if you’re expecting extreme horror, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s more of a pretty one Grusel-Story-Adventure, which especially invites those players who love scary scenarios, but are not too hardy.

Have a look at the trailer for a first glimpse:

Mannequins, memories and sneak sequences

Over innovative puzzles you slide deeper and deeper into the psyche of the protagonist. You will explore memories and audio cassettes on which you can hear fragments of past therapy sessions. As it were, the world around you trembles and wobbles as soon as you slide deeper into your spirit; and if you turn your back on your surroundings, it can change.

Sound Mind is a fairly simple game that doesn’t expect too much from you even in stealth sequences: So here too, you should expect more entertaining gameplay than actual challenges. That After all, the heart of the game is the storywhose secret will propel you to advance further.

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Sound Mind is expected to be released on September 28, 2021 for PC, PS5, Xbox S | X and Nintendo Switch. Developer We Create Stuff is known, among other things, for the infamous Half-Life-2-Mod Nightmare House 2.