of Andreas Bertits
In 2012, a kickstarter campaign by the Point & Click adventure SpaceVenture by the space quest inventors Two Guys from Andromeda took place. Now there is a small update about a possible release.

With Space venture The Two Guys from Andromeda came back, which became known through the Space Quest Adventures of Sierra in the 1980s and 1990s. But for almost eight years now, the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign from 2012 have been waiting for the release.

A problematic development

In the comment section of the Kickstarter campaign, the team reported earlier this year and said they were working on a major update on the status of SpaceVenture. As a small teaser, it was announced that a 2020 release is entirely feasible. The game's development had been plagued by a few setbacks. In 2015 Scott Murphy, one of the two "Two Guys from Andromeda" withdrew for a while because he had to take care of his seriously ill mother. In 2018 he also fell seriously ill himself.

Nevertheless, work continued on SpaceVenture, if only very slowly. Now, however, the adventure seems to have reached a status in which a release is foreseeable. If everything goes well, we will get to play the spiritual successor of Space Quest later this year and experience the adventures of space mechanic Ace Hardway.

Source: kick-starter

Also popular with PC game readers SpaceVenture comes from the two Space Quest inventors Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. The release is planned for the period between March and June 2015.PC

Space Venture: Unofficial Space Quest sequel SpaceVenture will be released in June 2015 at the latest

The unofficial seventh Space Quest part of SpaceVenture is due to be released in the period between March and June of the coming year, after three years of development. Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe have announced this in an update to Kickstarter.