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Big in Japan on the PlayStation Store: New PS4 sale with fresh deals just in time for the weekend: Whether Resident Evil 2, Ni No Kuni 2 or Nier Automata, the new offers give you discounts and discounts on typical Japanese adventures. In our overview of the new PSN sale, we offer you an outlook on the most interesting games at a great price.

You can now get new offers in the PlayStation Store Big in Japan-Sale for PS4. The offer is valid from now on and will last until Wednesday, March 4th, 2020. You will receive games from Japanese manufacturers for PlayStation 4 with substantial discounts. The Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition with all DLCs is available for download for only 17.49 euros. Fans of the Resi series grab Resident Evil 2 for 19.99 euros. Monster Hunter World from Capcom is also available. For only 14.99 euros you can take part in the monster hunt. You can get the MHW addon Iceborne for 29.99 euros.

From Software Games fans access Dark Souls 3. You can get the basic game for only 9.99 euros to download on your PlayStation 4. Nioh offers a similar game principle with winding levels and hard-to-beat boss opponents. You can get the Complete Edition of Nioh for download for only 14.99 euros. This already includes the additional content Dragon of the North, Indomitable Honor and the end of bloodshed.

Also included in the PSN Sale Big in Japan: The remake of Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD for only 14.99 euros. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available until March 4th for only 20.99 euros. With the Definitive Edition for DMC Devil May Cry for only 9.99 euros, you won't go wrong either. In the PlayStation Blog you will find an overview of many other deals of the new PSN campaign. Simply follow the link below these lines. In the essential discount sale, PlayStation 4 owners will find many more PS4 hits on offer.

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