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Niantic wants to celebrate 2019 in Pokémon GO properly and has implemented a new special research into the game just in time for Community Day 2019. Under the name "Celebration 2019", a fairly simple quest awaits you, which you can do quickly – but the rewards are impressive.

The year 2019 was turbulent and eventful for fans of Pokémon GO. In order to bring the past few months to a fitting conclusion, Niantic has activated a special new special research in addition to the extensive Community Day 2019: "Celebration 2019".

As soon as you start Pokémon GO, Professor Willow will give you the new special research. He explains what a "fantastic year" 2019 was and that he wants to reward us for our efforts in the world of Pokémon. The actual research quest is a bit confusing because it shows you the same task three times: "Catch 19 Pokémon".

You don't have to catch 19 Pokémon three times to complete the quest. Instead, each captured Pokémon counts for each of the three tasks, for which you again receive 2019 experience points. In addition, you will receive the following items as a reward if you complete the special research "Celebration 2019":

  • 20 hyperballs
  • 9 special sweets
  • a single stone

The Einall stone allows you to develop the Pokémon Skelabra, Grillchita, Vegichita and Sodachita, although you cannot catch the latter two in the wild in Germany. You can read more about the Einall stone in our separate guide.

In any case, we think that the special research "Celebration 2019" should not be missed by a Pokémon GO fan, especially since there should be enough opportunity to catch 19 Pokémon during Community Day 2019. What do you all mean? Are you happy about the special research? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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