Special: The 10 most influential games of the last decade

Ten years have passed again, although most of them probably feel as if they only put the disc version of Rebel Assault into their PC yesterday. A lot has happened in the past decade, games (series) have come and gone, short-term hypes have subsided faster than you could blink and there were also great disappointments. We have also been waiting for some games since the penultimate decade. Rockstar's agent, for example. Or Half-Life 3, too if Alyx does at least some VR remedy this year,

And is also felt Star Citizen already twenty years in the making (in reality the first crowdfunding campaign started in autumn 2012). But permanent trends have also become established. The crowdfunding mentioned about ten years ago was not yet a term, adventures understood themselves as dusty point and click machinery, and the term "soul-like" was not used by any human soul. On the next ten pages, we will therefore introduce you to ten games that have changed the face of gaming forever. Before Rossi gets angry letters: It is clear to us that the next decade will also include this year, depending on the counting method. We just decided differently: The 10s are over, now the hopefully golden 20s are coming. By the way, just under our top 10 are illustrious titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Rocket League. Portal 2. Miami hotline or Papers, please failed – they should be mentioned here in honor, because we do not want to talk down their influence. – Sascha Lohmüller

The adventure by Tim Schafer did only moderately, but caused the boom in crowdfunding, which brought us numerous hits.

genre: Adventure
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Manufacturer: Double Fine Productions
Meeting: January 28, 2014
platforms: PC, OS X, Linux, Ouya, iOS, Android, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The idiosyncratic children's book graphic style knew how to please and together with soulful music created atmosphere.

The idiosyncratic children's book graphic style knew how to please and together with soulful music created atmosphere.

Source: Double Fine

As a game in itself Broken Age in retrospect of the decade, not really worth mentioning. The highly anticipated return of Tim Schafer to the adventure stage could not really meet the high expectations. Broken Age was significant to the gaming industry in a very different way, namely how the developers at Double Fine funded the project. For this purpose, the studio started a so-called crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of 2012 via the platform Kickstarter, which was little known until then. With the help of the fans, it was intended to raise $ 400,000 to realize the game. What followed was an incredible hype about the project, which was initially simply called Double Fine Adventure. Within a short time, more than 87,000 supporters raised an astounding 3.45 million US dollars.

This success made crowdfunding socially acceptable as a financing model for indie studios and led to a whole wave of extremely successful game projects on Kickstarter. We owe the financial help from fans to hits such as Pillars of Eternity 1 + 2, Divinity: Original Sin 1 + 2, Bloodstained, Wasteland 2, Hollow Knight and The Banner Saga. Today the hype surrounding kickstarter and crowdfunding has declined sharply, the spirit of optimism of the first years is over. Nevertheless, interesting projects such as Wasteland 3, Psychonauts 2 and of course Star Citizen are still in the starting blocks. – Matthias Dammes

Broken Age in the test: a new adventure classic by Tim Schafer?

The Dark Souls among the Souls games laid the foundation for a "new" genre at the end of 2011 – and is still loved and often played.

Genre: Action RPG
Developer: From software
Manufacturer: Bandai Namco
Meeting: September 22, 2011
platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Switch

With many bosses, the first thought is: "How am I supposed to do it?" - the more beautiful is the triumph. & Nbsp;

With many bosses, the first thought is: "How am I supposed to do this?"

Source: Bandai Namco

Just like Demon's Souls two years earlier, Dark Souls is not an accessible game. The story? You have to rhyme, just like a lot of the mechanics. There is also a high level of difficulty, particularly beautifully looked Dark Souls never out. Nevertheless, the cryptic RPG hit the nerve of the player community. In the pre-Dark Souls era, From Software developers under Head Miyazaki were known (if at all) as the team behind Armored Core, and today Souls titles are familiar to players around the world. The entire series sold over 25 million copies, and all parts were gold-plated with awards and high ratings. Anyone who created an RPG with endurance bar, a mechanic in which one can collect currency lost after death or a similar multiplayer system in the period after Dark Souls, whose product was inevitably compared to Dark Souls.

And that was often the goal of the creators, because being mentioned in the same breath as Dark Souls promises attention and often also success. Regardless of whether it's an Asian, European or North American market, whether it's an AAA team or an indie garage company: programming a soul-like is almost a good thing. The mechanics of the original were not all new, rather the fascination arose from the combination of elements such as the level of difficulty and the indirectly told story. The work migrated to the PC thanks to a fan petition! – Katharina Pache

Dark Souls Remastered on Switch in the test video