A speedrunner setting a record is usually not uncommon. However, this new world record is almost something special, because after a very long time one player has managed to undercut the previous records of four minutes and 55 seconds. In older games it is often only seconds – or milliseconds – that separate a new world record from the old one. In Super Mario Bros the records were moving for a long time ranging between four minutes and 55 seconds. The Twitch streamer and speed runner Niftski has now managed to achieve a time of 4: 54.948 and thus set a new world record.

Almost everything went right in his run and coupled with Niftski’s skills as a speedrunner and his preparation, it will be difficult to undercut this time. Also, some gamers believe that this will be the last full second that can be pulled off a Super Mario Bros speedrun. This argument is supported by the fact that the fastest “tool-assisted speedrun” also “only” manages four minutes and 54 seconds. You can watch the associated run on the YouTube-Channel von Niftski look at.

Of course, it can always happen that new things are discovered that can save a lot of time. Niftski’s new world record is definitely an almost perfect run by current standards and will probably not be undercut anytime soon. But with the commitment shown by the Super Mario Bros. Speedruns community, this time will probably be beaten at some point.

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