Spell after buying 76 Black Lotus

of Karsten Scholz
Some WoW Classic players own a lot of gold thanks to extensive farm rounds, early investments or regular gold DKP runs. So much gold that they can spend a five-figure sum of gold on certain things. However, when a Horde player from the Whitmane server recently invested 12,000 gold in the purchase of 76 Black Lotus, it backfired: The player was banned by Blizzard.

We had reported a few weeks ago that various WoW Classic players now have so much gold through extensive farm rounds, early investments or regular gold DKP runs that they sometimes do 11,300 gold for the shadow flame staff can jump out of the blackwing hoard.

But such a big investment can backfire with bad luck. On Reddit Player GravitationWM reports from server Whitemane that he recently bought 76 Black Lotus for a total of 12,000 gold. It was a bargain for him because he got the valuable herb in large quantities well below the current market price. As a guild leader, he wanted to make this investment in preparation for the upcoming raid challenges.

Two days after the purchase, GravitationWM found that his account had been banned by Blizzard. The reason: it should be the WoW economy (buy now for € 32.95) exploited and directly or indirectly conducted illegal trading of in-game goods for real money. The player suspects that the system automatically picked him out because he spent 12,000 gold on a few stacks of "green items". Real money at least did not change sides here. Accordingly, he has now opened two tickets and is now hoping that Blizzard will take a closer look at this case. Unfortunately, it currently takes about three days to get a response, and then it should only be open to him in the form of a generic answer.

With this in mind: be careful what investments you make in WoW Classic.

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