The Proletariat team has started the first chapter of Spellbreak. It bears the title "Spellstorm" and will provide players with new content over the next twelve weeks. These include story quests in which the mysterious Spellstorm phenomenon must be checked. Of course, you can also unlock many new items for your character in the Battle Royale title in the coming weeks. The Spellstorm has also caused some changes in the game world. Right at the start, the creators have also released a new trailer.

As of now, Spellbreak is no longer exclusively bound to the Epic Games Store. The game can now also open Steam downloaded. Console owners can download the title on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. You can continue your progress on all platforms, as you can log in with the same account everywhere. We took a close look at the Battle Royale title for the beta at that time.

via PCGamesN

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Spellbreak: Battle Royale in the beta preview

With Spellbreak, a new battle royale title with elementary tamer skills enters the stage. We played the game in the closed beta.