Spend Titan Residuum now and bag gold!

from Philipp Sattler
In a few days the time has come and WoW Shadowlands will finally come to the live server. At the same time, you will get your titan residual from Blizzard converted into silver. But you will lose a lot of gold in the process. Bargain hunters should spend their titans residual quickly now!

If resources disappear irretrievably from WoW, then Blizzard usually compensates us for them. This is exactly what happens when Shadowlands comes onto the live server on Tuesday, November 24th at midnight. The Titan Residuum, with which we can currently still buy Azerite armor from the dealer, will be obsolete at this point and will be removed from the game. In return, you will receive some silver in the mail. More precisely, one silver per Titan Residuum. Anyone who has played until the end of Battle for Azeroth and has long called the best parts their own can look forward to a few additional gold pieces. But if you get active beforehand, you can make a lot of friction.

Because for some time now Azerite armor can be found in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) can be sold and no longer have to be disenchanted or thrown into the Schrott-o-matik 1000. So if you are yours now Titan Residuum take, buy Azerite armor from it and then sell it again at the dealer, you earn a golden nose. Well, you won't become a millionaire with it. But every piece of gold more is a good piece of gold.

So you go to the Azerite dealer and buy one of the random chest items there. Depending on the armor class, these are worth around 80 gold and cost you a mere 175 titanium residuals. You don't have to be a mathematician to see that this way you get significantly more for your resource. Instead of one gold and 75 silver (175 silver) you get around 80 gold – that's 45 times the amount. Unfortunately, the action is quite tedious because you can only have one token at a time. So you have to buy one, use the token, sell the item and start all over again. Fortunately, there is a macro that can make this a lot easier for you.

/ use Abandoned Azerite Chestpiece
/ script BuyMerchantItem (3)

All you have to do now is speak to the dealer and keep hammering on the macro until either your Titan Residuum is empty or your pockets are full of armor. You then sell these at a dealer of your choice. Ironically, you can also sell them directly at the same dealer, which saves you walking.

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