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Olivia Wilde is set to work as a director with Sony Pictures on a new Marvel project. According to current assumptions, it should be Spider-Woman. Details about the story or the cast are not yet available. It's the next project with a female Marvel heroine from the Spider-Verse. Sony is also currently working on films for Madame Web, Black Cat and Silver Sable.

Those in charge of Sony Pictures will soon add another heroine to their own Marvel universe. According to a recent report by Deadline Olivia Wilde is said to have been engaged as a director for a new film project. Even if there is still no confirmation of which Marvel heroine this should be, it seems to be a story about Spider-Woman.

Katie Silberman is the author of the project – Amy Pascal is the producer. Sony has not yet commented on the reports. Which actress would slip into the role of Spider-Woman has of course not yet been determined either. In the past few years, Spider-Woman has appeared several times as an alter ego of characters like Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and Jessica Drew. Olivia Wilde is supposed to turn this concept completely on its head. But we don't know what this will look like. Sony is currently planning several projects in the Spider-Man universe.

Together with director S.J. Clarkson is currently working on a film for Madame Web. There are also plans for projects with Black Cat and Silver Sable. These films have nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From November 6, 2020, fans will see the start of Phase 4 with Black Widow. The film was originally scheduled to start in May, but the coronavirus pandemic has messed up the MCU's entire schedule.

Source: Deadline

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