from Philipp Sattler
Actually, spoilage effects in WoW are a thing of the past since the end of BfA. But that doesn't seem to have got around to the dungeon under the streets of Stormwind City. Because there a player got such a rotten item while leveling with his Twink – but without the associated effect.

Corruption effects are one of the features in WoW that everyone has had a strong opinion of. A few thought it was great, but most of them were probably more happy when they were removed from the game with the pre-patch of Shadowlands. Finally, no more absurd amounts of secondary values, DpS meters that explode based on a random effect, and no more endless confinement to stock up on the right effects at MUTTER. Instead, the equipment system in the current expansion is clearly clearer and easier to understand, which of course has made it a bit boring, which most players are happy to accept.

The fact that the corruption effects have been removed from the game does not seem to have got around to all of Azeroth yet. This is the only way to explain (and not by a bug or something similar) that a player has now looted a corrupted item in the dungeon of Stormwind while leveling. Perhaps the inmates of Stormwind Prison didn't realize that our heroes have already defeated N'Zoth.

Interestingly, the item was only marked as spoiled, but had no spoilage effect. That would have been all the more curious, since even in Battle for Azeroth no such items actually dropped during leveling. Maybe something went wrong with the item and level squeeze introduced with Shadowlands, which resulted in minor bugs in some places in the game.

Do you miss the corruption system every now and then or are you still happy that it was abolished by the end of the BfA?

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