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A rumor is currently circulating on Twitter that a new game from Spyro the Dragon is under development. The insider is usually known for leaks from the Call of Duty universe. Most recently, the Reignited Trilogy was published as a new edition of the Spyro games at that time. Publisher Activision has not commented on this.

In 2018, Spryo the Dragon celebrated its return to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the release of the Reignited Trilogy. Less than half a year later, the remake of the first three games was also released for the PC and Nintendo Switch. According to current rumors, a completely new title in the series is now under development. At least the user behind the @TheGamingRevolution Twitter account claims this at the moment. You can find the tweet below.

TheGamingRevolution is actually known as an insider for Call of Duty reports. Since the rights of Spyro the Dragon are also with Publisher Activision, the user could actually have information about a new game. For now, fans should enjoy the rumor with caution. Recently there have been rumors of another offshoot of Crash Bandicoot. However, a new leak recently suggested that this could be a mobile game.

Source: Twitter

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