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The release of the single player campaign Squadron 42 from Star Citizen is not expected in the near future. According to game director Chris Roberts, it will be quite a while before it even reaches beta status. He couldn't give any specific dates.

"It's done when it's done": This motto was once best known for games from the developer studio Blizzard Entertainment. But that is also the answer of the well-known game director Chris Roberts to the question of when the single player campaign Squadron 42 for the space game Star Citizen can be expected to be released. In a statement on the official website, he said that, willy-nilly, the fans have to be patient before they can play the solo adventure.

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"We still have a long way to go before we reach beta. But everyone on the Squadron 42 team is working hard to do something great. (…) We weren't happy with how effectively we were progressing with Squadron 42 The previous format wasn't very good at showing how much work there was in. Squadron 42 is a difficult project to communicate with as we don't want to reveal too much of the experience and story, so it represents It is somewhat of a challenge to provide updates on certain content and features. (…) Squadron 42 will be ready when it is ready and will not be released to meet a certain deadline. "

Accordingly, it is still not clear when exactly the Star Citizen single player campaign will be launched (buy now ): Squadron 42 will appear. But at least the developer studio Cloud Imperium Games seems to be thinking about how it can keep fans a little better informed about the progress in the future.

Source: official website

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