Squadrons – microtransactions yes or no? EA keeps the back door open

Star Wars: Squadrons is said to be one of EA's new highlights. In addition to several modes, the game also has numerous things to unlock. According to Electronic Arts completely without microtransactions. Certainly?

Star Wars: Squadrons

Overpriced and frequent microtransactions were already part of everyday life at EA, but the group would like to refrain from doing so in the future – at least that's what happens to you when you look at the statement by creative director Ian Frazier may believe:

“Our way of thinking was very old-fashioned. Now with this game we are trying to say that we have set a price of $ 40, we want to be generous with players, and we want it to feel like a well-rounded experience. For example: You gave us your $ 40. Here's a game you'll love. I thank you. And that was it."

That sounds good, and it goes even further, because “Star Wars: Squadrons” writer Mitch Dyer once again emphasized on Twitter that there would be “zero microtransactions. No."

EA keeps a back door open

"It's about a game that is in itself complete and great," said Frazier in the interview. But what followed, sounds almost as if microtransactions could still follow:

"This is not to say that we will never add anything. I think we could, but it's not going to be presented as a live service, ”said Frazier.

So it is still possible that micro-transactions could be added at some point, but maybe EA has learned from the past. What would you think of items for sale? Let us know in the comments.

Jasmin Peukert
Jasmin Peukert, GIGA expert for games, anime, Final Fantasy 14 and League of Legends.

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