Square Enix goes against Dataminer

from Stefan Brunk
In the past few days Square Enix has stepped up against Dataminer, banning a number of game accounts. As a precautionary measure, the discord server, which deals with data mining, has now closed its doors.

Dataminer are players who, with the help of additional software, obtain information from the program code of games. Sometimes there are certain content there, such as quest texts or even character models that were already part of an update and are thus on the hard disks, but have not yet been used in the game. Although this method violates the User Agreement, it can be found in Final Fantasy 14 (buy now for 7.90 €) brisk application.

Square Enix now apparently wants to put a stop to that and is trying in the last few days to enforce the guidelines by acting against Dataminer. So recently has a player name Icarus Twine a such mail received, with which his play account was locked. Other Dataminer were affected. In response to the spell wave, the data-mining channel of the FF14 Reddit Discord server has also been closed to protect its users.

In the official announcement it says: "We would continue to allow users to use the data mining channel, but we can not really see people putting their service accounts at risk, and if Square Enix changes its mindset, we'll become the channel for the community happy to make available again. " Not only has the data mining channel of the Reddit Discord closed its doors, but also many other sources that have dealt with the subject.

What is your opinion about this? Do you find the procedure of Square Enix appropriate, for example to avoid spoilers? Or is it in your opinion too far to enforce the guidelines in this way? We are looking forward to your comments!

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