With the remake of the classic RPG Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix was able to land a great success. But that won't be the publisher's only revised version of a game. That comes from a report in the Polish magazine Biznes. Accordingly, there are several remake projects in development.

These are currently being created at the Forever Entertainment studio based in Krakow, Poland. According to the report, the team is working on revised versions of several games, but all of them are from a Square Enix brand. What it is exactly is not yet known and is therefore the subject of speculation. What is certain, however, is that the remakes should be very close to the originals in terms of gameplay elements and scenarios. However, you can expect a "new graphic design", which suggests an extensive revision of the optics.

Forever Entertainment has a lot of experience in this area. Among other things, the Polish development studio worked on the remake of Panzer Dragoon for the Nintendo Switch, which was launched last year. The team initially has to bear the production costs for the current Square Enix projects itself, but receives half of the total revenue that the remakes generate on all platforms. The future will have to show whether this is ultimately worth it. But if it is a reasonably well-known brand, the financial risk should be relatively low.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – New trailer with press reviews

Which Square Enix brand do you think is behind the collaboration? Which remakes would you like to play? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Biznes.pl

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