The Netflix Series Squid Game is currently on everyone’s lips. No wonder: The deadly Takeshis Castle implementation from South Korea is not only extremely exciting, but also intelligently interweaves criticism of society and capitalism into an entertaining thriller. The success of Squid Game has long left the scope of the series and spilled over into other media products, Roblox for example or Animal Crossing.

Netflix itself also wants to follow the popularity of the South Korean production and is now selling a clear collection of Squid Game merchandise. in the Shop of the streaming provider with the red N you will find a number of different t-shirts and hoodies, all of which are adorned with different elements of the series.

Show your love for Squid Game publicly – with official merchandise

Most frequently represented among the numerous motifs on cotton is probably the image of the eponymous Squid Games. The drawing, which is reminiscent of a house, is supposed to represent an octopus and is a popular children’s game in Korea, which also plays an important role in the series.

Squid Game: Netflix series like Takeshi’s Castle – in deadly

The symbols of the masks of the masked employees in the mysterious Squid Game are also a prominent imprint in the merchandise shop. If you select one of the corresponding products and click on the symbol you can see there, you can also choose between the triangle, the square and the circle, depending on which shape you prefer.

In addition to the number 456, which belongs to the protagonist Gi-Hun in the game, there are also a few prints that show excerpts directly from the series. There you can see, for example, the masked men already mentioned in their pink and red full-body suits or the mysterious front man. The color is also based on the series. What is not kept in simple black or white, shines in the striking green of the jogging suits of the participants or the pink-red of the masked workers.

If you like the motifs, but you haven’t watched Squid Game yet and don’t know whether the series is something for you, here is a brief outline of the plot: 456 participants, all with massive money problems and head over heels in debt, become one Game invited. If you win, you can look forward to an enormous sum of money and the participants only have to master six children’s games in six days. The hook? The road to victory is paved with corpses, because whoever fails in the games will be killed in cold blood. A game of life and death ensues.

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