SSD has 802 gigabytes of free space

from Antonio Funes
According to a hand-on on GameSpot, the 1000 gigabyte SSD in the Xbox Series X has 802 gigabytes of free storage space. This can of course still change, but allows an approximate assessment to be able to think about purchasing a storage space extension in advance. One of these will be available for the Seagate release in the form of a fast SSD module.

Xbox Series X with 820GB of free space

The new Xbox Series X, which will be available in Germany from November 11th (if enough copies are available for release despite good pre-order figures), is known to have a particularly fast internal SSD with a storage capacity of one terabyte. A fast SSD with this capacity will also be used by the competition from Sony. For the Xbox Series X, there is now information from a hands-on for the Xbox Series X, how much of the 1000 gigabytes of storage space is available for games. In the The journalist Michael Higham noted a hands-on preview at GameSpotthat the free space is 802 gigabytes. This means that – at least for the copy that GameSpot had available before the release – around a fifth of the capacity is reserved for the operating system, possibly also for temporary data.

1000GB SSD module for $ 220

A few days ago we reported that there will be an expansion module specially designed for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that can be plugged into the console from the outside. This quasi external SSD will come from Seagate and has a retail price of $ 219.99. The price in euros will probably look similar. The module is connected with PCIe 4.0 – for comparison: A fast internal M.2 SSD with 1000 gigabytes of storage space and PCIe 4.0 currently costs from around 185 euros.

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