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According to Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry, the fast SSD of Playstation 5 does not allow developers to make open game worlds look different.

There is some confusion around the SSD's fast Playstation 5. Some developers claim that it can make open game worlds look even better and more realistic. But Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry says that this is not the case.

GPU is important

"I've written this elsewhere, but statements about the PS5's SSD that it allows for completely different looking open world games doesn't make much sense based on what we really know about open world development," says Alexander Battaglia. "All the data that is retrieved from the SSD is static data that is completely immutable. That would mean perfectly pre-built level data and arrangements, which is exactly the opposite of how modern open-world games have their details and variety increase because that happens through procedural methods that are not on the hard drive … "

According to Alexander Battaglia, the GPU, i.e. the graphics unit, plays a much larger role. "The Xbox Series X GPU is just better, period. Just like this generation between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. If a game does worse on Xbox One X, I think a developer has the wrong prioritization or a software problem, that he has to get around. Sometimes things are just better. How the Geforce RTX 2080 is better than the 2060 Super. "

How the SSD of Playstation 5 will really affect the upcoming games remains to be seen. Because we haven't really seen any of it. Only when we see new open world games that take advantage of the Xbox Series X and PS5 hardware can we determine which console is ahead and whether the SSD of the PS5 really makes a difference.

Source: Resetera

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