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The first trailer for Stalker 2 is here: Microsoft introduced the new end-time shooter on the Xbox Games Showcase – and announced Stalker 2 console-only for Xbox Series X. In the trailer you get a first taste of the atmosphere and the game world of the first person shooter with a post-apocalyptic setting. There is also a small preview of the open game world. According to the developers of GSC Game World, Stalker 2 offers a huge map to explore. They are also commenting on A-Life 2.0 for the first time. Stalker 2 is scheduled for release in 2021. The end-time shooter is also available for release in the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft and GSC Game World show the first Trailer for Stalker 2. "In our first video, we not only want to give you a taste of the atmosphere in the game, but also give you an overview of the world you will be traveling through," commented Zakhar Bocharov, PR Manager at GSC Game World. In the world of Stalker, the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 was not the only one that happened. The second explosion hit the reactor in 2006 and created the zone we know from Stalker. Mutated creatures, deadly radiation and abnormal energy are waiting for you.

"With Stalker 2 (buy now for € 78.99) we create what we wanted to do from the beginning: for the first time in the series you can explore the zone as a post-apocalyptic open world – one of the largest so far – "promise the developers. The map of Stalker 2 is the most comprehensive of GSC so far Game World. "And we create them with the love and passion that this environment deserves." With A-Life, the previous stalker games introduced a living world simulation system. With Stalker 2, the improved version A-Life 2.0 comes Feature is designed to control the state of the world and the behavior of characters and mutants, and to constantly change the zone.

For Stalker 2, the developers promise unique gameplay. So all decisions should have an immediate impact on the game world and influence the world. "We are working on an epic, branched story that culminates in many different ends," says Bocharov. The end time shooter is the biggest title of GSC so far. Stalker 2 is to be released exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC. The release on PS5 is expected to take place at a later date. Microsoft has also announced that the first-person shooter will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass as of the release day. Publication is planned for 2021.


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