When the space online game Star Citizen appears is uncertain. In 2012 during the Kickstarter campaign it was said that the game should be released in 2014. Now, in 2020, it is still far from a release. But there is a reason for this, which Chris Roberts, head of the developer studio Cloud Imperium Games, explains.

The dream lasts longer

Chris Roberts states that it is Star Citizen (buy now ) is his absolute dream game and he now has the opportunity to make this dream come true. He understands when fans are frustrated because it takes so long and the team feels the same way. But he just doesn't want to compromise on the vision of his game.

Roberts writes: "This is the game I've dreamed of all my life. Now I'm finally in a position to make it happen. I'm not willing to compromise that harm the potential just because it takes longer than originally intended. "

Chris Roberts also explains that this is an actual game that will eventually be released, not a "castle in the air". Chris Roberts says, "I promise you the gameplay is not a pipe dream and it won't take 10 or 20 years to implement. I can't give you a specific quarter that it all comes together in, but with the new roadmap, you'll see that the teams move forward to achieve the goal. "

One reason why the development takes so long is that the individual teams are not given any time specifications from management for their work. Only priorities are set.

As for the single-player offshoot Squadron 42 is concerned, according to Chris Roberts, the game will not appear until it has "reached the final and optimized creative vision". Roberts hopes that Star Citizen's new roadmap will provide a little more transparency about what's going on.

Source: Star Citizen forum

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