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The lawsuit between Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games regarding the space MMO Star Citizen has been settled. How they agreed was not announced.

It was a long back and forth. Crytek filed a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games in late 2017 as the developer of the space MMO Star Citizen allegedly only acquired the CryEngine license for one game, so that besides Star Citizen would still work on the single-player game Squadron 42. The legal dispute has now been finally settled.

A long argument

Crytek also did not like that any references to the CryEngine were removed from Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games repeatedly said that they have now switched to Amazon's Lumberyard Engine. Crytek, in turn, said that the contract stipulated that the CryEngine should be used exclusively and that an engine change was therefore excluded and allegedly did not take place. Cloud Imperium Games, on the other hand, defended itself by saying that both Squadron 42 was included in the contract and that the license of Amazon's Lumberyard engine included the CryEngine.

Crytek then withdrew the lawsuit in January, initially because of waiting to see how Squadron 42 would be released – whether as a standalone game or as part of Star Citizen. However, it has now become known that the two parties have finally settled the dispute by mutual agreement. An agreement was reached, which was not mentioned in more detail. With that, the whole thing should be off the table.

Source: Euro Gamer

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