The Cloud Imperium Games team has teamed up with an outside studio to help develop Star Citizen. In detail, it is about the "Theater of War" game mode, in which up to 40 players compete against each other. The battles take place on the ground and in the air and can be described as a mix of Battlefield and Star Wars Squadrons. The mode has been in closed beta since 2019.

The makers of Firesprite have also been involved with the project as support for almost two years. Those responsible at Cloud Imperium Games have now revealed that. Firesprite was previously responsible for the PSVR game The Playroom and the sci-fi horror for The Persistence. It's not the first time the team at Star Citizen (buy now ) collaborates with an external studio. Behavior Interactive (Dead by Daylight) and Virtuos were also partners of Cloud Imperium Games.

Firesprite's tasks revolve specifically around Theater of War, but various things have already had an impact on other projects such as Squadron 42. The single-player title therefore benefited in "Combat Design" from the progress made by the external studio. However, the makers have not revealed any further details about the release of Squadron 42. Just a few days ago, Cloud Imperium Games talked about the current progress of Star Citizen in an inside video. The project has now raised more than 350 million US dollars.

via PCGamer

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