We have been accompanying Star Citizen since 2012, and the development of the ambitious space adventure should even have started in 2010. A long time. But the final launch still doesn't seem to be in sight. Even the Single play release Squadron 42 planned for 2017 still has no release date. The in March 2019 finally for the Third quarter of 2020 announced beta of the campaign has not started yet. Instead, you want to be loud of a post in July First of all, bring the roadmap into shape, which would not optimally reflect the current progress of the teams.

That the team of Chris Roberts (Wing Commander) has this long development time and the constant shifts (some people also talk of incompetence and mismanagement) is due, on the one hand, to the 2.8 million supporters who have now transferred over 313 million US dollars to Cloud Imperium. On the other hand, there are always investors who put more money into the project, in April it was about $ 17.5 million.

However, that does not mean that all supporters are satisfied with the status quo. in the Forum of the game A backer recently criticized the inadequate progress in recent years, citing specific examples as well as the fear that it will take another ten to 20 years at this rate until all the promised features are implemented.

Chris Roberts then took the time to give a comprehensive answer. He emphasizes that that's what the players in Star Citizen (buy now ) can currently test and experience, does not show the full progress of development. Just because a feature isn't enabled doesn't mean the feature hasn't already been implemented. In addition, with such a large project, it is quite normal for delays and postponements to occur.

"My biggest disappointment with modern internet debates is that there is a significant amount of cynicism, especially in forums or Reddit debates, and some people always assume the worst. If a feature is missing, delayed, or buggy, then it is must be because the company or developer lied and / or is incompetent, as opposed to the fact that it just took longer and there were more problems than the team anticipated Naturally optimistic. You have to be to develop things that have never been done before. Otherwise, the sheer weight of what needs to be done can overwhelm you. But being optimistic or not anticipating problems is not the same as lying or to deliberately mislead people, everyone at CIG is passionate about making Star Citizen the most addicting massively multiplayer first-person sandbox universe ever r is working very hard to make this happen. If we could deliver harder, faster, and better, we would. We're just as frustrated with the time things take. "

Star Citizen: The Esperia Prowler in the impressive trailer

Since there are now an average of around 30,000 players in the Star Citizen universe (on peak days during special events it should have been over 100,000), the prioritization had to be aimed at improving performance, stability and "quality-of-life elements" move, so Chris Roberts further. The new roadmap should help in the future to present the development more transparently, so that the supporters know exactly what the 58 (!) Content and feature teams are currently working on.

Last but not least, the chief developer declares that he does not want to compromise on his "dream game", but that the release is not another ten years away either:

"I get your point of view, but you are looking at it from the outside without all of the knowledge of what needs to be done and in what order to deliver the gameplay that Star Citizen will put above everything else. This is the game I am from I've dreamed my whole life. Now that I'm able to make it a reality, I'm not ready to jeopardize its potential just because it's going to take longer than I originally imagined. What I'll commit to and what The internal priority is to improve the current gameplay and quality of life, as Star Citizen is already fun in many ways, even if it is more prone to errors and not as stable as I would like it to be – and if you complete the basics and polish it up, it becomes it will run as well or better than most other games. I promise you, the gameplay I am describing is not a castle in the air, it won't take 10 to 20 years to finish. "

What do you think of Roberts' statements? Are you a supporter yourself? If so, do you mind that the game's release is still not on the horizon? Let us know in the comments!

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