Star Citizen: Privacy violated by The Expanse author

of Andreas Bertits
On the Twitter account of James S.A. Corey denounces the author of the science fiction series The Expanse that his privacy has been violated in Star Citizen. The game simply turned on his webcam without being asked.

Behind James S.A. Corey is actually hiding two people: Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, both of whom write the novels of the science fiction series The Expanse under the pseudonym. This may be known to some from the Amazon series of the same name. On the Twitter account of James S.A. Corey is now reading that the privacy of the "author" in Star Citizen was massively disregarded.

Webcam starts on its own

After the installation of Star Citizen, his webcam was supposed to be activated automatically and without being asked by the game. "I install it and you turn on my laptop camera immediately without express permission. It's also a way to be uninstalled forever," it says on Twitter. "A one-time intrusion into my privacy without permission is enough. Just ask first."

Star Citizen developers immediately contacted James S.A. Corey apologizes. It is apparently a bug. "We absolutely agree, that must not happen!" Says the statement by Cloud Imperium Games. "Usually the camera is disabled by default and requires activation in the settings. This is a bug that has occurred in our latest patch. Our team has already worked on a solution that we will be providing in a patch soon." This patch should be released as soon as possible.

As much publicity as it is for Star Citizen that one of The Expanse's "authors" plays the space MMO, it would have been better if the words from him had been praised.

Source: MassivelyOP

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