from Andreas Bertits
Trekkies are now certain about a scene in the movie Star Trek: The First Contact. An implied sex scene actually took place, according to director Jonathan Frakes.

In an interview, director and actor Jonathan Frakes revealed a secret of the movie Star Trek: the first contact on the year 1996.

Attention! Spoilers follow here!

Did Data and the Borg Queen have sex? In the movie Star Trek: The first contact at least they kissed. This indicated that the two were becoming more intimate with each other. According to director Jonathan Frakes, that was the way it was meant to be. When asked whether he saw the scene in such a way that Data and the Borg Queen had sex afterwards, he only said: "Yes, I would". They even talked about it on the set. The director did not want to go into more detail.

Jonathan Frakes said that he is somehow proud of a YouTube video that shows how Commander Riker often sits on chairs in Star Trek: The Next Generation. By swinging one leg over the backrest. Frakes would never have believed that he would be allowed to do this while filming. But nobody stopped him.

With the statement by Jonathan Frakes, the speculations of the fans have now come to an end. Data and the Borg Queen actually had sex in Star Trek: The First Contact.

Source: Dark horizons