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Fans of the Star Trek: Discovery series currently suspect that a character from Deep Space Nine could appear in Season 3. In fact, the chances are not that bad.

The USS Discovery travels in the third season of the series Star Trek: Discovery around 930 years into the future. And yet fans currently suspect that we could see a character from Deep Space Nine again.

Attention! Here are spoilers!

As we already know, the Trill will play a role in the new season of Star Trek: Discovery. The new character Gray wants to lead an honorable life as the host of a symbiote. As showrunner Michelle Paradise explained, the trill is an integral part of the new season: "Gray is a trill, so there's a whole trill mythology in Star Trek that we lean on … The interesting thing about it, a thousand years into the Future travel is that we can play it out in new ways, so you might think you know a certain species in a certain way, and maybe a thousand years later they are a little different than you might expect. But at the end of the day, I think it will still feel very, very familiar. "

Trekkies now suspect that we could see the Trill symbiote Dax again. Dax was already 349 years old in the DS9 series and in Star Trek history it was never determined how old a symbiote can get. The hosts age normally, which is why the symbiote always needs a new one. In Deep Space Nine, this was initially Jadzia Dax and, after her death, Ezri Dax. However, Ezri was already the symbiote's ninth host.

It is quite possible that Trill could live to be more than a thousand years old and that Dax is still alive. Maybe the character Gray will be the new host of Dax. That's why he doesn't have a surname yet. Because it could be that this is a secret that the producers of Star Trek: Discovery only want to reveal in the series.

A twist in the story would also be possible. Gray actually wants to become the host of a symbiote, but instead his girlfriend Adira has to take him in. Because the description of the character Gray states that he has prepared for a life as a host, but a surprising twist turns his life upside down. Then maybe we will see an Adira Dax instead of a Gray Dax?

We'll find out more from October 16, when Season 3 of the Star Trek: Discovery series starts on that day.

Source: Trekmovie

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