Star Trek: Discovery – Season 4 has the green light, shooting starts in November

from Andreas Bertits
CBS has officially given the green light to a fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery. Filming should start in early November.

It was basically just a formality, but now it's official: a fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery is coming. Although the producers talked about it earlier, the official "Go" from the TV station CBS was still missing. And this is there now.

The adventures of the USS Discovery continue

The fact that it was really only a matter of form to wait for the "Greenlight" from CBS shows that the pre-production of the new season of Star Trek: Discovery began some time ago. Scripts were written, locations sought and sets planned. The start of the shooting is now planned for November 2nd.

Since the corona pandemic is currently picking up speed again so strongly, it would not be surprising if the filming had to be interrupted several times. Still, CBS continues, and fans can look forward to a fourth season of the series. This is again created under the supervision of showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise.

What Season 4 is about is still unclear. Only now has the third season started, in which the crew of the USS Discovery travels 930 years into the future. There it is important to bring the federation back to its former glory after a catastrophe almost stopped war plows.

For some trekkers, Star Trek: Discovery represents a strong departure from what Star Trek made in previous series. Discovery is darker and lacks the lightheartedness of the past. Because of this, the series has had some criticism since the first season. But now that the shooting of the fourth season begins, Star Trek: Discovery can't go down that badly.

Source: Dark Horizons

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