Star Trek: Fire in the Chest

The Star Trek episode is almost over and everything is heading for the grand finale of the A-plot. What comes next is well known to every trekker: Great speeches are just as much a part of Star Trek as interesting alien cultures and diplomatic solutions. The best speeches can easily compete with film greats like "The Condemned", "Braveheart" or "The Dead Poets Club". Our list therefore includes fiery speeches for humanity and the construction of a common future. But even dark moments are captured by Star Trek in speeches that often stimulate reflection and tap our moral center for its integrity. We consider every series and every film in our list, including the new Kelvin Universe and the animation series. Star Trek: Picard and Discovery may also potentially be in the Top10. Since his name was mentioned here: Picard has an enormous head start when it comes to speaking, but even space cowboy Kirk knows how to ban us with his lectures. Whether it's the pragmatism of Sisko or Lorca's manipulative lectures: The ten best speeches in Star Trek are unparalleled. Have fun with our list!

Place 10: Spaceship Enterprise: The next century – Picard outclasses the Sheliak

<img src = "" alt = "In a famous scene, Captain Picard rattles down an absurd footnote in the contract, with whose help he skillfully outmaneuvers the Sheliak.
& nbsp;”/>

In one famous scene, Captain Picard rattles off an absurd footnote in the contract, with the help of which he skillfully outmaneuvers the Sheliak.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

It starts with a classic episode: In "The Power of Paragraphs" (O: "The Ensigns of Command") the crew of the Enterprise colonists tries to evacuate the planet Cygna V before being forcibly removed from the Sheliak Corporation in four days will. The Sheliak ambassador keeps breaking off communication when Picard tries to extend the evacuation period to the required three weeks. A little later Picard discovers a footnote in the contract: "According to paragraph 1290 I officially request an arbitration award from a third party in our dispute. (…) Based on Section D3 contained in this paragraph, I appoint the Grizzela as arbitrators. Unfortunately, they are right now in their winter cycle, but they'll wake up in six months and then we can settle our argument. So? Are you going to wait? Or give me three weeks? " After Picard cuts off the Sheliak ambassador in the middle of his reply and then wrests him unconditional approval, Riker remarks: "You enjoyed that." To which Picard replies, "You are absolutely right!"

9th place: The Enterprise – Kirk defends Lucifer

<img src = "" alt = "The scene is bizarre, but the speech is still good: Kirk defends during a court hearing in Salem the devil while shooting lightning bolts.
& nbsp;”/>

The scene is bizarre, but the speech is good nonetheless: Kirk defends the devil during a court hearing in Salem while shooting lightning bolts.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

The crew of the Enterprise is brought to justice by the Megasians in the episode "The Secret of Megas-Tu (O:" The Magicks of Megas-Tu "), representing humanity as a powerful people with magical powers The Megasians have long served as advisers and gods of mankind. The Enterprise's Megasian friend Lucien is also convicted in court. During the course of the trial, however, it turns out that Lucien is not only inquisitive and sociable, but also one When the Enterprise is acquitted, but Lucien is sentenced to eternity in solitary confinement for "betraying his people", we witness a bizarre and magnificent scene in the Kirk defends Lucifer: "No. Condemning someone like Lucien to a life of isolation is the same as condemning them to death. We are not interested in legends. He is a living being, an intelligent life form. That's all we need to know about him. We will not take part in harming it. You act out of fear, not out of consideration or respect. "We admit, while doing this, Kirk shoots lightning bolts and rainbows, because we're still talking about the animated series – but that's why Kirk's speech works!

8th place: Deep Space Nine – An outside view of humanity

<img src = "" alt = "An interesting speech: Quark tells his nephew that people are extremely dangerous when you take away the things that are important to them.
& nbsp;”/>

An interesting speech: Quark tells his nephew that people become extremely dangerous when you take away the things that are important to them.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

It gets very dark, as is typical for DS9: In the episode "The Siege of AR-558" (O: "The Siege of AR-558") Quark and Nog find themselves in the middle of a battle in the Dominion War. During the long-term siege of a communication phalanx, Nog shows his admiration for the Federation members, who hold the position even if they lose two-thirds of their strength and collect Ketracel White vials as trophies – "because they are heroes." Quark then describes his view of things: "Let me tell you something about people, nephew. They are wonderful, friendly people when their bellies are full and their holosuits work. But when you deprive them of their physical pleasures, for example If you withhold food, sleep and sonic showers, it will put your life in danger for a long period of time, and the very same kind, intelligent and extremely accommodating people who suddenly become as dangerous and violent as the worst, bloodthirsty Klingon. " Nog then admits that he is almost a little sorry for the Jem'Hadar.

7th place: Starship Enterprise: The next century – obedience is not blind

<img src = "" alt = "Picard has always had a complex relationship with his android friends – and in" Datas Descendant ”he defends his views.
& nbsp;”/>

Picard has always had a complex relationship with his android friends – and in "Datas Descendant" he defends his beliefs.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

When Data constructed a daughter of his own in the episode "Data's Descendant" (O: "The Offspring"), Vice-Admiral Haftel ordered her to be handed over to Starfleet as a research object. Data is about to obey the order when Captain Picard intervenes: "Revoke order, Mr. Data. (…) I'll bring this case to Starfleet's command." When the admiral remarks, "I am Starfleet!", Picard counters: "There are moments, sir, when men of conscience do not simply obey an order blindly. You respect Data's feelings, but you ignore his personal rights. You order a father to to hand over his child to the state. I will not allow that. "

6th place: Star Trek: Discovery – Lorca's worldview

<img src = "" alt = "Lorca is clever – with his speech he draws Burnham to his side by saying making her feel guilty and showing a way out at the same time.
& nbsp;”/>

Lorca is clever – with his speech he draws Burnham on his side, while at the same time making her feel guilty and showing a way out.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

Jason Isaacs' acting performance as Captain Gabriel Lorca is considered one of the highlights of Star Trek: Discovery. Warning spoilers: This Lorca actually comes from the mirror universe and also makes speeches accordingly. In the episode "Lakaien und Könige" (O: "Context is for Kings") Lorca welcomes Michael Burnham to Discovery with the following words: "I chose you – but not for the reasons you suspect. Your assumption that The Klingons wanted to ambush us at Doppelstein. They did the right thing, regardless of whether it was against the law and regardless of the consequences. Only those who think like that can win wars. And officers who think like that, I need next to me. Minions follow laws. Kings see connections. The choice is yours. What does your future look like? What do you hope for? Penance? Redemption? Perhaps that the captain you lost did not die in vain? You helped start a war. Won't you help me end it? " A master manipulator and Terran as he is in the book.

5th place: Deep Space Nine: Sisko would do Section 31 all the honors

<img src = "" alt = "Sisko separates morality and politics in his speech – for him the holy is at this moment End means means. DS9 often broke with Star Trek's typical optimism.
& nbsp;”/>

In his speech Sisko separates morality and politics – for him, at this moment, the end justifies the means. DS9 often broke with Star Trek's typical optimism.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

In the episode "In Pale Moonlight" (O: "In the Pale Moonlight"), Captain Sisko manipulates evidence and murders to make the Romulans allies in the war against the Dominion. This leads to this extremely gloomy speech: "At exactly eight o'clock station time the Romulan Empire officially declared war on the Dominion. They have already attacked 15 bases along the Cardassian border. So this is a big victory for the good guys. Who knows? maybe it could even be the turning point of the whole war. Tonight there is even a welcome to the fight party in the officers' mess. Well, I lied and I cheated. I bribed men to see the crimes of other men I was an accessory to the murder. But the damnable part of it all is that I think I can live with it. And if given the choice of doing it again, I would. Garak is absolutely right about one thing : A guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the absolute security of the Alpha Quadrant. This is how I will learn to live with it. Because I can live with it … I can live with it … Computer, erase the whole mte personal logbook. " Gabriel Lorca would be proud.

4th place: Spaceship Enterprise: The next century – "The chain is forged with the first link"

<img src = "" alt = "In the episode" The Standgericht "Picard gives a speech against demagogues and despotic rulers and for basic civil rights in times of crisis.
& nbsp;”/>

In the episode "The Standgericht" Picard gives a speech against demagogues and despotic rulers and for basic civil rights in times of crisis.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

During the episode "The Standgericht" (O: "The Drumhead"), Admiral Satie goes aboard the Enterprise and organizes a real witch hunt for traitors. Worf is convinced of the correctness of this investigation: "You know very well that the Federation has enemies!" Picard counters: "Oh yes. This is how it starts. But the path from legitimate suspicion to blind paranoia is much shorter than we think." When a court martial is actually called later, in which not only Picard but also Worf are practically accused of treason, Captain Picard quotes Satie's father: "You know, when I was a schoolboy, I heard a few words: 'With him The chain is forged in the first link. When the first speech is censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, we are all irrevocably shackled '. " Wise words.

3rd place: Spaceship Enterprise: The next century – The supreme principle of Starfleet

<img src = "" alt = "Truth is the cornerstone on which Starfleet was built. And Captain Picard makes it that was unmistakably clear to Wesley in a speech.
& nbsp;”/>

Truth is the cornerstone on which Starfleet was built. And Captain Picard makes this very clear to Wesley in a speech.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

In the episode "A failed maneuver" (O: "The First Duty"), Wesley Crusher is on trial for his involvement in a shuttle accelerator case that kills a cadet. During the trial, Captain Picard uttered a quote that perfectly describes his character and the ideals of Starfleet: "Every Starfleet officer is first and foremost committed to the truth. Whether it is scientific, historical or personal. That is paramount Starfleet Principle. And if you can't stand up and tell the truth, then you don't deserve to wear that uniform! " This warning is one of the most important moments in the character development of Wesley Crusher.

2nd place: Spaceship Enterprise – "Danger is our business"

<img src = "" alt = "You rarely hear speeches from Kirk without the typical overacting – but when it is so far, then buckle up, because Shatner is a gifted speaker!
& nbsp;”/>

You rarely hear speeches from Kirk without the typical overacting – but when the time comes, buckle up, because Shatner is a gifted speaker!

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

When the crew around Captain Kirk in the episode "Geist sucht Körper" (O: "Return to Tomorrow") discovers a dead planet that resembles Earth, they are asked for help by a powerful disembodied being: Sargon needs his two companions for a short time the hosts of Kirk, McCoy and the astrobiologist Mulhall to build new android bodies for themselves. When McCoy points out the enormous risks and after the "why?" asks, counters Kirk: "We once said, 'if man were born to fly, he would have wings'. But we fly! We discovered that we had to fly. And I don't think we can stop. During our entire existence the fearful warned us not to go too far. Not to learn too much, to hope and to grow beyond ourselves. I don't believe we can and don't believe we should stop. They wish the first Apollo mission would not have reached the moon? Or that we would not have left for Mars and other star systems? (…) I have the command. I could give the order. But I will not do that. Because Doctor McCoy is right about that to mention the enormous potential of danger in contact with such an advanced intelligence. But I have to point out that the potential for new knowledge, for progress is just as great. Danger is our business! That is the reason why we serve on this spaceship! " Noteworthy: the episode first aired before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

1st place: Spaceship Enterprise: The Next Century – Consciousness and Intelligence

<img src = "" alt = "Patrick Stewart in top form: In" Who Belongs to Data "complex topics are broached – and Picard makes one of his best speeches ever!
& nbsp; (1)”/>

Patrick Stewart in top form: Complex topics are touched on in "Who Belongs to Data" – and Picard gives one of his best speeches of all time!

Credit: Paramount Pictures / CBS

We finally come to one of the best speeches across all Star Trek films and series. In the episode "Who Owns Data" (O: "The Measure of a Man"), cybernetics expert Bruce Maddox demands that Data be handed over to the Federation and taken apart. In addition to giving fiery lectures on the concepts of consciousness and intelligence, Picard gives this famous speech: "Your Honor, a courtroom is like a melting pot in which all doubts are burned away until the one product of truth remains for all time. At some point this man, or someone else, may succeed and be able to copy Commander Data. The decision they are making in this courtroom will help determine how we feel about the phenomenon of genius in the future. We will better understand who we are and what he is, because so far he is unique. This one Android. Your decision will help to expand the limits of personal rights and personal freedoms or to narrow them ruthlessly for some. If you vote against Data, you will all, condemn those who come after him to slavery. Your Honor, Starfleet was founded to discover and explore new life. And there it sits. Un d it is waiting. Now you have a chance to fight for the law. Decide wisely. "

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