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Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are good friends. But if Stewart had listened to his friend's advice years ago, we would never have seen him in the role of Captain Picard in Star Trek.

Sir Patrick Stewart is known as Jean-Luc Picard from the series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard. But we almost saw another actor in this role.

A good friend advised against the role

As Sir Patrick Stewart said in an interview about his 80th birthday, his good friend Sir Ian McKellen didn't think much of wanting to be part of a science fiction series. He even warned him not to take the role.

"(KcKellen) was in Los Angeles at the time and I told him I was offered this role in the series and he seriously warned me against taking the job because it would not do my career good," said Stewart. "That I am doing pretty well at the theater in London and I shouldn't give myself to it. In the meantime, he has admitted that he may have been wrong."

Sir Ian McKellen confirmed the story: "He has long forgiven my advice not to risk a solid career on the British stage by falling for an uncertain future in Star Trek. How he got this job is a prime example of how happiness matters, and it will be an engaging chapter in the memoirs he has to write. "

Acting colleague William Shatner, who played with him in Star Trek: Generations Meetings, even commented on the 80th birthday of Sir Patrick Stewart: "He is lovable and he is an intellectual in the body of an athlete. We once had a long one Turning the horse scene together and I advised him to wear women's silk stockings to avoid chafing. He nodded his head in gratitude. When he came out of his dressing room, he wore the lace stockings outside his costume. "No, no, Patrick, underneath your costume! "We laughed as we usually did. I didn't know he was that old."

The scripts for the second season of the series Star Trek: Picard are currently being written, in which Sir Patrick Stewart returns as Jean-Luc Picard.

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