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The first episode of the new series Star Trek: Lower Decks aired in the US and the reactions have been mostly positive. According to the fans, the new series has its heart in the right place.

August 6th was the first episode of the cartoon series Star Trek: Lower Decks seen in the US. Since humor comes first and the series comes from Mike McMahan, inventor of Rick and Morty, there was initially skepticism.

Star Trek with humor

Surprisingly, a large part of the skepticism after the first episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks has dissolved and a large part of the Trekkies are enthusiastic or at least pleasantly surprised. In the first episode, the new characters are introduced. The "heroes" this time are not the captain and first officer (even if they still play a role, of course), but the ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford and Tendi. They are responsible for the less important tasks on board the USS Cerritos, but dream of being a captain, security chief or chief doctor on a spaceship.

Although the focus is on humor and it makes fun of Star Trek here and there in a loving way, the first episode is surprisingly full of heart and "Star Trek". Fans are already eagerly discussing this episode and many who were very skeptical beforehand are interested, some even enthusiastic about what they were allowed to see. The humor is almost always appropriate and aimed at Star Trek fans and especially adults. The characters are lovely and you want to learn more about them and their fun adventures.

Some thought Star Trek: Lower Decks was a parody that just wanted to poke fun at the previous series, but that's not supposed to be the case. When we can see Star Trek: Lower Decks is not yet certain.

Source: Trekmovie

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