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The former captain of the USS Enterprise meets in Star Trek: Picard Episode 6 on the Borg. We also finally learn what the Romulan Narek wants from Soji.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

Surprisingly, episode 6 "The Mysterious Box" does not begin with a retrospective, as was the case with the episodes before. Instead, we go into a dream of soji. She is a child, is woken up by a storm at home at night and visits her father in his laboratory. She tells Narek about her dream, which hereby senses a chance to get what he wanted all the time. We won't find out what that is until later.

On board the La Sirena, Jean-Luc Picard explains to the crew that they have to travel as quickly as possible to the artefact, the captured Borg cube. We notice how it affects him. In his study he finds out more about the Borg and sees a picture of himself as Locutus. Assimilation many years ago is still stressing him and we can see how much he is afraid of having to beam on board the cube.

Captain Rios is a very compassionate person.

Captain Rios is a very compassionate person.

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Dr. Agnes Jurati is plagued by a guilty conscience because she had to kill her lover Bruce Maddox. She meets Captain Rios and wants to distract herself with a little love adventure. Rios is not averse to this.

On the Borg cube, Narek explains to his sister that he has found a way to achieve her goal. He believes that Soyi's dreams are a kind of subconscious function to remind her that she's actually not human. He believes that through these dreams he can get the information he and his sister are looking for without activating Soji's defense system. Narek says that you get there with patience, just like in the "game" with a kind of Romulan magic cube that his sister never understood.

Picard is looking for a way to get to the Borg cube. Raffi musician contacts a former girlfriend at Starfleet and can persuade her to give Picard diplomatic status for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Narek continues to stir up doubts in Soji as to whether her memories are really real and have not been planted for any purpose. On La Sirena, Raffi tells Captain Rios about her son and that he no longer wants to see her. We get to know Rios as a caring friend.

Back on the Borg cube, Soji contacts her mother and then falls asleep again. She notices that something is wrong and uses a scanner to check the age of all her memorabilia. But none of them are older than three years. She realizes that Narek was right.

Narek reveals his goal.

Narek reveals his goal.

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La Sirena reaches the Borg cube and Picard beams on board. He is overwhelmed by memories and feelings. He almost falls into an abyss. But former Borg and Hugh can still save him. Hugh shows Picard around and explains that the ExBs, as the former Borg call themselves, want to start a new life. The Romulans help them by removing implants, performing cosmetic surgery and also providing support for mental health problems. Picard realizes that the beings who live behind the implants are not the enemy at all, but actually victims. This helps the former captain of the Enterprise to cope better with the situation. He asks Hugh to take him to Soji.

Soji was picked up by Narek. He explains to her that a Romulan ritual could help her interpret her dream and find out the truth. The ritual actually helps. Soji realizes in her dream that she is actually just a construct. Narek asks her to look for clues as to where her homeworld is. He and his sister wanted it all the time. When he finally has the information he wanted, he locks Soji in the room with his Romulan cube. A radioactive cloud is pouring out of the cube to kill soji. However, this activates her defense system and she can break out of the room. The Romulans hunt for them.

On the way, Soji meets Picard, who tells her that she wants to save her. Because he promises Soji to explain everything about her to her, she follows him. Together with Hugh, they reach the hidden chamber of the Borg queen. There is a space trajectory there. A technology that the Borg received through the assimilation of the Sikarians. Through this space trajectory, Hugh Picard and Soji can send to the planet Napenth. Elnor reaches "JL" and declares to distract the Romulans so that Picard and Soji can flee. Picard tells La Sirena to go to Napenth before he and Soji walk through the trajector. Elnor and Hugh face the Romulans …

Picard is struggling with the trauma of assimilation through the Borg.

Picard is struggling with the trauma of assimilation through the Borg.

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What questions does the Star Trek: Picard episode answer?

What did Narek and his sister want? They hoped to learn from Soji which planet it came from.

Did Picard finish assimilating through the Borg? No. It still bothered him all the years later.

Can Picard Finally Find Soji? Yes. Finally he meets Dahj's sister and can even get her away from the Borg cube.

The La Sirena must continue to fly without Picard.

The La Sirena must continue to fly without Picard.

Source: CBS / Amazon Prime

Which assumptions does the episode allow and which questions remain open?

What do Narek and his sister want on Soyi's homeworld? They may hope to find plans for the creation of the Androidin there to destroy them.

Why don't the Borg use space trajectory technology for a Federation invasion? As we know from Star Trek: Voyager, the Sikarianer space trajectory technology can transport people up to 40,000 light years away. It could "beam" the Borg down in the middle of the earth and surprisingly attack the Federation. The Borg apparently have not yet used this.

Was Soji really a child? In her dream, Soji is a child. But it is an Android that can not get older and "grow". In addition, her memorabilia are only three years old. So is she just a child in her memory?

Do the Romulans really want to help the ex-Borg? It seems the Romulans want to help the former Borg. But for what purpose?

Star Trek: Picard – German trailer with Riker, Data & Co.

Conclusion: Episode 6 "The Mysterious Box" takes us a good deal further in the story. Picard finally meets Soji and takes her away. Soji learns that she is not the person she thinks she is and reveals to Narek what his goal is. The episode also ends with a cliffhanger. The protagonists are separated. Picard and Soji use the space trajector, Elnor faces the Romulans in battle and the others are still on La Sirena. Can Elnor survive the fight? How will he get back together with the others? The current episode was quite exciting and to see a Picard who is still struggling with his trauma of assimilation through the Borg shows us a new side of the former captain of the Enterprise. The next episodes are likely to be interesting.

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