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Jonathan Frakes has staged a few episodes of the Star Trek: Picard series and has developed its own theory about the hatred of some fans. He believes they watch the series to make sure they hate them.

Jonathan Frakes appeared in the series Star Trek: Picard not only as Captain Will Riker, but he also directed episodes 4 and 5. When asked about the critics, he answered with an interesting theory.

Do fans want to hate Star Trek: Picard?

"But they watch it … They watch it to make sure they hate it!" This is Jonathan Frakes' verdict on why some fans criticize the new series so hard.

But that doesn't stop the actor and director from continuing to be active in the Star Trek universe. In addition to the episodes he made for season three of Star Trek: Discovery, he's already working on other projects.

"It was a blessing that my career was revived by the new Star Treks," said Frakes. "It didn't hurt to learn a different craft. Direction was fantastic for me. Since Discovery worked and then Picard, it is now going on with something new and something else."

So it seems like we're getting more Star Trek series. One could be about Section 31, the other about the adventures of Captain Pike and Mr. Spock on the USS Enterprise.

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