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Star Trek: Picard does not ignore the events of the movie Star Trek from 2009, but even builds on it. We explain how the two are related.

Star Trek: Picard shows us something fans have wanted since the Star Trek movie from 2009 – that the future of the Prime timeline continues.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

In J.J. Abram's movie Star Trek from 2009 a group of Romulans travels back in time. Your intention: You want to punish Ambassador Spock for not being able to stop the destruction of the planet Romulus.

The annihilation of Romulus took place in the so-called prime timeline. The time travel of the Romulans and von Spock created a new timeline. It was not entirely clear whether the old one still existed or the new one took its place. The Star Trek: Picard series now clarifies this.

Because the series refers to the annihilation of Romulus. Admiral Picard started the largest rescue mission ever in 2387 to save as many Romulans as possible. This mission, however, led to a rift between him and Starfleet. Star Trek: Picard begins in 2399, twelve years after Romulus was destroyed. We now know that the time travel of Spock and the group of Romulans has not broken the prime timeline.

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