The TV broadcaster CBS has made no secret of it and is even very aggressive about the fact that actor John de Lancie will slip back into the role of Q in the second season of the series Star Trek: Picard. Now the actor even explained in a video what his appearance looks like.

Danger! Here are spoilers!

“Everyone knows I’m back. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday really annoying Mr. Patrick Stewart. Really annoying Picard as only Q can. That was great fun. I’ll be back on Monday, and Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s going to be a while to get all that stuff done, “said John de Lancie. He also stated that we would see him in two episodes of the series’ second season. So it should be a somewhat more extensive reunion between Q and Picard.

Also interesting is that John de Lancie said he wasn’t just getting on Picard’s nerves. Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg, will also suffer from him. Guinan and Q share a common past, as we learned on Star Trek: The Next Generation. That should make the appearance of the “Almighty” even more exciting.

In addition, the episodes in which we see Q are apparently staged by Jonathan Frakes, who is back on board as a director for some episodes. It is not yet clear whether he will appear again as Captain Riker. For that we could see Geordi La Forge again. There were already indications that actor LeVar Burton is getting a guest appearance.

The second season of Star Trek: Picard should be seen in 2022.

Those: Trekmovie

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