In the eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard, entitled "Fragments", we learn why the Romulans want to kill soji.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

In the obligatory flashback at the beginning of the new episode we see the Zhat Vash, the secret organization of the Romulans, which accepts new members in a star system with eight suns and exposes them to a vision. Not from the future, however, but from the past. It is a warning: if an AI gains its own consciousness and takes control, it will destroy all living things, as has happened before. The vision drives some of the Romulans insane. Only Narissa, Narek's sister, and her aunt Ramdha survive. Commodore Oh is also present as the leader of the Zhat Vash. According to the vision, Narissa wants to do everything possible to destroy any AI.

We jump into the "present". There we see Narissa, who looks after her aunt Ramdha, assimilated by the Borg, on the artifact. Ramdha is the one who accused Soji of being the destroyer. She and her group managed to use their thoughts to get the Borg collective to disconnect from this cube. Elnor, who hides on the artifact after Hugh's death, is discovered. However, Seven-of-Nine rushes to his rescue and saves him.

Commodore Oh is the leader of the Romulan secret organization & nbsp; Zhat Vash.

Commodore Oh is the leader of the Romulan secret organization Zhat Vash.

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On board the La Sirena we learn that Captain Rios seems to know Soji. When he sees her for the first time, he withdraws to his cabin. Captain Picard visits Dr. Jurati in the infirmary. We learn that she injected herself into a coma to turn off the tracker she received from Commodore Oh. Raffi Musician believes Jurati is an agent of the Romulan Tal Shiar secret service. Picard contacts Admiral Clancy of Starfleet. He tells her everything he knows and asks her to provide him with a squadron at Deep Space 12.

With the help of Rios' holograms on board the Li Sirena, Raffi can find out that Soji looks very much like a woman named Jana. However, the holograms cannot really help her, since the relevant information has been deleted by Rios. She can also find out that the diagrams drawn by some of the assimilated Romulans on the Borg cube apparently show a star system with eight suns. Such a thing hardly ever occurs naturally. So it has to be an artificially created system.

On the artifact, Elnor and Seven-of-Nine try to find a way to take over the cube. Seven takes on the role of the Borg Queen and activates the regeneration of the cube and awakens the drones. Picard can gain Soji's trust on La Sirena, while Raffi learns from Captain Rios how he knows Soji. Years ago, Rio's officer was on a Starfleet ship. This was taken on board by a young woman, Jana, and an ambassador from an unknown people. Suddenly, Rios's then captain killed Jana as he was ordered to do so by Commodore Oh. If he had refused, his ship would have been destroyed. Then the captain shoots himself in the head. This caused Rios to leave Starfleet. Picard can with Dr. Jurati who explains that Commodore Oh did something with her mind and showed her a terrible vision. So she couldn't help but kill Bruce Maddox.

Soji wants to go home to save her family.

Soji wants to go home to save her family.

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Narissa can anticipate Seven's plan on the artifact and lets the Borg blow into space. The crew meets at La Sirena and assembles the pieces of the puzzle. Soji remembers where she came from. She wants to take over the ship to return there. But Rios can persuade her to do it his way.

When it comes to the artefact, a fleet of Romulans sets off for the home world of Soji because they also found out where the Android woman came from. Some Borg survivors manage to overwhelm Narissa. The Borg release Seven.

On board the La Sirena, Captain Rios isn't sure if Soji isn't really a danger, but Picard tries to calm him down. The ship reaches a Borg transwarp tunnel through which it flies to the home world of Soji. Suddenly Narek reappears and follows the ship.

Seven-of-Nine saves Elnor on the artifact.

Seven-of-Nine saves Elnor on the artifact.

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What questions does the Star Trek: Picard episode answer?

Why does he want to Did Vash destroy any AI? The Romulans discovered the star system with the eight suns and a warning from the people who created this system. An AI destroyed this people ages ago and something like that must not happen again.

Why did Rios leave Starfleet? He watched his former captain kill a young woman and then himself on Starfleet's orders.

Captain Rios reports on his traumatic experience.

Captain Rios reports on his traumatic experience.

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Which assumptions does the result allow and which questions remain open?

Is Soji Really The Destroyer? Picard believes the past doesn't have to be repeated. There is certainly a way of co-existence. An AI doesn't necessarily have to wipe out all life.

Do the Borg intervene? The Borg have their cube back and may now want to take revenge on the Romulans.

What does Soji want on their home planet? She hopes to get there before the Romulans and save her family.

How did Seven-of-Nine get the Borg cube? Recently we saw like on Freecloud. How did she get on the Borg cube after Elnor called her?

Picard is the voice of reason and believes that the past need not be repeated.

Picard is the voice of reason and believes that the past need not be repeated.

Source: Amazon Prime

Conclusion: The eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard is pretty dark. We learn that a Starfleet captain killed a young woman on command. Dr. Jurati cannot cope with the vision her Commodore Oh showed and even considered suicide. Surprisingly, the Borg are depicted more human than before. They let seven-of-nine go and bring the cube back into their "family". You also feel pity for the killed Borg. The entire episode – except for the beginning – only plays on spaceships. That alone made the episode somewhat unusual. You can also see how we are now taking big steps towards the finale, which should be very exciting.

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