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With episode 3 "The end is the beginning" of Star Trek: Picard it finally goes back into space. We share our opinion on the episode and summarize the episode.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

Action summary: The new episode of Star Trek: Picard starts again with a look back. After the androids' attack on Mars 14 years before the actual events of the series, we see Admiral Picard meeting with Raffi musician. Picard tells her that he threatens to resign Starfleet unless a new plan to save the Romulans from the impending supernova is worked out. But Starfleet prefers to accept his resignation. Raffi is disappointed with "JL" before having to take her off duty.

We jump into the "present". Picard talks to a run-down raffi who is addicted to drugs because her life has been going downhill since that day. At the time, she insisted on a theory that high-ranking members of the Federation forged a conspiracy to thwart the rescue plan. The androids are said to be part of this conspiracy. Nobody believed her then, not even Picard, which is why she is very difficult to speak to him now. Nevertheless, she brings "JL" into contact with a pilot who could help the former captain of the Enterprise.

Picard is concerned about the future of the Federation.

Picard is concerned about the future of the Federation.

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At the Romulan recovery plant, the deactivated Borg Kobus, Soji meets the manager of the plant, who is none other than the former Borg Hugh. Hugh was rescued from the Borg collective many years earlier by Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D crew. It gives Soji the chance to speak to one of the few Romulans who have ever been assimilated by the Borg.

Picard provides Raffi with all of the data about Bruce Maddox, who he is looking for to find out more about the killed Dahj. Picard beams himself aboard Captain Christobal Rios' spaceship, who offers to fly him wherever he wants. Rios is a former Starfleet officer who turned his back on Starfleet after a disaster on his former ship.

At the Daystrom Institute, Commodore Oh meets Doctor Jurati and wants to know why she met Picard. Back on the Borg cube, Soji gets the chance to speak to Romulan Ramdha, who was a leading expert in Romulan myths. Soji hopes to create a framework based on myths to use for therapy purposes for the formerly assimilated Romulans. When Soji wanted to know what was happening back then and why the Borg collective disconnected from the cube after the Romulans were assimilated, Ramdha insults Soji as a destroyer.

What are Narek and his sister up to?

What are Narek and his sister up to?

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At the same time, Picard is attacked in his country home by the same attackers who killed Soji's sister Dahj. Together with his servants and apparently bodyguards Laris, Zhaban and a surprisingly emerging Doctor Jurati, they defeat the attackers and capture one of them. This tells Picard that Dahj is not what she appears to be. She was the destroyer. Then the attacker commits suicide. Jurati tells Picard that Commodore Oh went to see her and wanted to know everything about Picard from her.

On the Borg cube, Soji wants to know from her mother whether everything is fine with Dahj. This assures her that she just spoke to her. Soji falls asleep. Narek meets with Soji and explains that he falls in love with her. He then meets his sister, Starfleet officer Rizzo, who now looks like a Romulan again. She warns her brother not to have an emotional bond with Soji. Soji wants to know from her mother whether everything is fine with Dahj. This assures her that she just spoke to her. Soji falls asleep.

Doctor Jurati wants to accompany Picard and both beam on board Captain Rios' ship. There they meet surprisingly Raffi musicians. She tells Picard that she found Bruce Maddox on "Freecloud" and would like to accompany him there. Captain Rios leaves the start command to Picard, who gives it an "energy!" gives.

Captain Rios is hired by Picard to take him to Bruce Maddox.

Captain Rios is hired by Picard to take him to Bruce Maddox.

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What questions does the Star Trek Picard episode answer?

Why exactly did Picard leave Starfleet? He threatened his superiors to resign if they didn't start a new plan to save the Romulans. Since it was not discussed, Picard left Starfleet.

Why does Raffi hate Picard? In her opinion, he is to blame for the fact that she had to end her career with Starfleet. He also did not believe her theory that high-ranking Starfleet members were plotting to avoid saving the Romulans. Besides, he had no other plans to help the Romulans.

Why did the Borg collective cut the connection to the cube? Apparently this is related to the Romulans who have been assimilated. They were the only ones who were ever included in the Borg collective and that obviously had fatal consequences.

What happened to the former Borg Hugh? Hugh is now the head of research on board the Borg cube.

Captain Rios' ship takes off.

Captain Rios' ship takes off.

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Which assumptions does the episode allow and which questions remain open?

Are Romulans Immune to Borg Assimilation? It seems like it will harm the collective if it assimilates Romulans.

What is Freecloud? Bruce Maddox is on something called "Freecloud". Is it a place where everyone can hide from the authority of Starfleet?

Did the Federation want to prevent the Romulans from being saved? We get a hint of a much larger plot, which should obviously prevent the Romulans from being saved from the supernova.

Are there no good tailors in the 24th century? Not a serious question, but somehow the Starfleet uniforms don't seem to fit really well …

Star Trek: Picard – German trailer with Riker, Data & Co.

Conclusion: The third episode of Star Trek: Picard starts a little more leisurely than episode 2 and at least in the first half of the episode you get the impression that it is telling a story that might have been dealt with in a double episode in The Next Generation. Sometimes everything pulls a little with a lot of explanations and reviews. However, the episode picks up speed again in the second half and the momentum gets going again. Most of all, seeing Picard back on board a spaceship and "Energy!" Hearing say causes some nostalgic feelings. The desire to continue looking is definitely there.

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