Star Trek: Picard – Showrunner answers questions about the finale

Star Trek: Picard didn't like everyone. The series is just different and definitely not The Next Generation 2.0. Whether the series was promising or not, some questions remained unanswered.

Attention! Spoilers follow here!

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Does Picard have trouble being in a synth body when he sees his past as xB? Is the Golem 100% organic?

It is just as likely, perhaps more likely, to feel liberated because the body has never been injured. And yes, his body has been organically cultivated and has grown.

Does the new Picard (Golem) Picard keep an artificial heart?

No. They wrapped it in handkerchiefs and he takes it home so it can be a number one chew toy.

Did Data really die when the simulation was deactivated or is it just "paused"?

He is gone. That's what he wanted.

Why shouldn't Data come back like Picard at least for a while?

He was ready.

Has Riker resigned from Titan? Or was the USS Zheng He not his ship at all?

Do you remember that he retired? Sick child? Nepenthe? The Zheng He is a brand new ship.

Why was there only one class of Federation ship?

I think I'm working on confirming that there were actually four different classes.

Riker's "flagship" was not the Enterprise. Does this mean the end of enterprise ships?

Of course not!

What happened to Narek?

Yes. Narek. I know, I know. A victim of the cut, unfortunately. He should be taken care of by the Federation.

Was the final moment between Seven and Raffi romantic? Was there any evidence of this?

On both questions: apparently like this!

Wouldn't the advanced synths become suspicious because the signal was stopped so abruptly?

After 200,000 years, who knows whether they are "advanced"? Maybe they have regressed.

Are the synths a threat only when called?

Are they a threat at all? Whose interpretation is correct? What happens if we confuse our interpretation of facts with the facts themselves?

Is Seven part of the crew now?

We have no crew at all. We have a cast of characters, an ensemble.

Will the crew pick up Laris and Zhaban in season two? We have to see more of these two!

We actually do that!

Will there be any resistance from the citizens of the Federation to lifting the ban on synths?

Of course there will be some opponents, but hopefully the will to acknowledge their failure and make amends will dominate most enlightened citizens.

A second season of Star Trek: Picard is currently in the works. Due to the Corona crisis, it is currently not possible to say when this will start.

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