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Trekkies were annoyed with what they saw as a logic flaw in the Star Trek: Picard series. Now, however, it turned out to be a story twist.

Sometimes you should wait before criticizing and scolding. This shows the current eighth episode of the series Star Trek: Picard.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

In episode three of the Star Trek: Picard series, Starfleet commodore Oh Doctor Agnes Jurati met on a sunny day. Oh wore sunglasses, which made some trekkies go crazy. Because they believed, Oh be Vulcan. Vulcans come from a star system with three suns, which is why their eyes have adapted so that they tolerate extreme brightness well. Sunglasses are therefore not necessary. There was criticism and Trekkies accused the series' producers of making a logic mistake.

In episode eight, "Fragments", we now learn that Commodore Oh is half Vulcan and half Romulan. Therefore, she does not have all the properties of a Vulcan. That's why she has to wear glasses in the bright sunlight. Because Romulans do not tolerate bright light as well as Vulcans. That Oh is half Romulan is a twist in the story. It explains why she is Dr. Jurati manipulated. Many a trekkie might have waited better with the criticism.

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