Star Trek: Picard – The first reviews of the new series are here – game updates

of Andreas Bertits
The Star Trek: Picard series starts here on January 24th. Press representatives could already see them and little by little the reviews arrive.

In a few hours we'll know how Jean-Luc Picard's adventures continue. January 24th is the first episode of Star Trek: Picard seen through Amazon Prime. But some press representatives were able to look at them in advance and the first reviews appear on the Internet.

A slightly different Star Trek series

<a href = "" title = "The New Yorks Times"target =" _ blank ">The New Yorks Times says that the story is a little complicated and confusing and that you probably tell a story over ten episodes that The Next Generation would have dealt with in one or two episodes. Nevertheless, the series has its charm, especially actor Patrick Stewart convinced in the role of Picard.

<a href = "" title = "Variety"target =" _ blank ">Variety describes the series as "hesitant", but especially Star Trek fans will surely stick to it to see how the story develops.

<a href = "" title = "CNet"target =" _ blank ">CNet believes that Star Trek: Picard is different and takes a new course for the entire brand. But that is very interesting.

<a href = "" title = "Rolling stone"target =" _ blank ">Rolling stone writes that the series does a lot better than Star Trek: Discovery, even if things are a little more leisurely. To see Patrick Stewart alone as Picard is worth it.

<a href = "" title = "CNN"target =" _ blank ">CNN says that Star Trek: Picard is rather reserved and is anything but a traditional series. The story seems a bit too nested and drawn out.

<a href = "" title = "The Hollywood Reporter"target =" _ blank ">The Hollywood Reporter explains that the series starts a little slowly but then really picks up speed with the third episode. You just have to be patient.

Metal hammer writes that the plot is gripping on many levels, the series dares a lot of new things and represents an "optical phaser firework at cinema level", but which remains true to the worldview of Star Trek.

Soon we can get a picture of Star Trek: Picard when the series starts on Amazon Prime.

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