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The Star Trek: Picard series explains why the Romulans wanted to destroy Earth in the 2009 film "Reboot" Star Trek. This eliminates a small problem with the story of the film.

In the film Star Trek from 2009, a group of Romulans from the future wanted to take revenge for the destruction of their home planet Romulus. The reason they gave was that the Federation was only watching its people almost wiped out. Fans wondered why the Federation did not intervene and in the current series Star Trek: Picard we find out the reason.

The Federation was actually watching

Under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, the Federation actually wanted to launch a large-scale rescue mission for which a fleet of ships was built on Mars. But when the androids ran amok on Mars, destroyed the fleet and made the planet uninhabitable, the Starfleet moved away from their aid plan. Jean-Luc Picard even calls this "criminal" in the series.

So the Federation was really standing by, watching an entire people almost completely annihilated. Admiral Clancy even defends this decision in the second episode of Star Trek: Picard. Now you can understand the anger of the time-traveling Romulans in the movie Star Trek from 2009.

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