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CBS has announced the new Star Trek: Prodigy series in collaboration with Nickelodeon. It is a cartoon series aimed at younger viewers.

During the San Diego (email protected) the new series was released Star Trek: Prodigy presented. It is a new cartoon series created in collaboration with Nickelodeon.

Children in the spaceship

Star Trek: Prodigy tells the story of a group of teenagers who are outlaws and discover an old spaceship. They use it to go on a quest for adventure, the meaning of life and salvation. The series is aimed at a younger audience. After Discovery, Picard, Section 31, Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds, it's the sixth series to be worked on since Star Trek's return to television. The series was developed by Kevin and Dan Hageman, who are also behind the cartoon series Trollhunters and Ninjago. Producer Alex Kurtzman is also there, who monitors the entire Star Trek brand on TV.

The animations come from CBS 'Eye Animation Productions and the series is scheduled to launch next year. It is not clear whether humor or seriousness are in the foreground. It is probably a mixture of both, as is the case with Trollhunters and Ninjago.

When the series plays and how it relates to the other Star Trek stories is also unknown. Until the start in 2021, we should still learn a lot about Star Trek: Prodigy. Incidentally, the series should not be confused with the cartoon Star Trek: Lower Decks. This series starts on August 6th in the USA and focuses more on humor, but is aimed more at older viewers.

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