Nicholas Meyer, director of the movie Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, said more than two years ago that he had been commissioned by producer Alex Kurtzman to create a three-part mini-series about the villain Khan Noonien Singh and his exile on the Planets to write Ceti Alpha V. The scripts are ready, but so far there are no plans to implement them.

What became of Khan?

Nicholas Meyer himself does not know exactly what the status of the series is now. He explains, "I don't see it as' on hold" because I think it's a great project. I suspect what happened, or what happened up to a point, was that the business model worked out for Streaming has changed really fast. And what was originally commissioned as a three-hour or three-day event wasn't enough by the time I finished writing. They wanted longer material. And somehow the project is two chairs And I still don't know why they don't, even when it comes down to saying, "give us ten episodes instead of three or whatever." I don't know why.

Meyer, who also had an idea for a new Star Trek film, also said that he would not find it good if the project should result in a longer series. "That may be a lack of imagination on my part. I think if it went on and on about Khan and Ceti Alpha V, there would be a risk of it becoming a kind of 'Gilligan's Island'. Which I think is a misconception … It was commissioned as a three-hour event and there were certain parameters that were given that I adhered to. And they are all justifiable. "

It is currently unknown whether this miniseries about the Star Trek villain Khan will come.

Source: Trekmovie

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