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from Andreas Bertits
The script for the reboot of Star Trek from 2009 represents an interesting reading experience. Because there are surprisingly many swear words.

Some trekkies or trekkers criticize that in the newer series of Star Trek with swear words is just thrown around. Even though Captain Kirk had to explain in Mister Spock in Star Trek 4: Back to the Present why in the 1980s so many "colored metaphors" were used in conversations as he described the swearing. Interestingly, the script for the reboot is from Star Trek from 2009 by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman also full of swear words – and in very strange places.

Star "Fucking" Trek

One likes of swear words in Star Trek (buy now) hold what you want. In dialogues, they may still make sense to the extent that you can make friends with Star Trek swearing. The Star Trek script, however, uses these "colored metaphors" even in scene descriptions. A video illuminates some of the spots. There is then talk of ships emerging from nowhere, unmasking themselves and "fucking" Klingon ships. Or when Kirk provokes Spock, the script says "Kirk ain't fucking done yet!"

It is a little strange if even in the descriptive scenes that you as a viewer see and do not read, there are such swear words.

Source: Reddit

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