Anyone who thinks back to the original Star Trek series or “The Next Century” knows that these largely consisted of independent episodes. And that’s exactly how Star Trek: Strange New Worlds should be structured.

Star Trek fans can expect surprises

Actress Rebecca Romijn stated, “The series is in line with the original series – they are separate episodes. It’s not that dark. We visit planets. We visit colonies and we are so proud of our work to date.”

Fans of the original series (TOS) can also look forward to some Easter Eggs, which are supposed to create a connection between the two series. “I can’t comment because there are so many Easter Eggs on this show, but we’re very, very, very excited to be introducing this series,” the actress continued.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes place around ten years before the adventures of Captain Kirk. We are still on board the USS Enterprise, which is under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. There’s also a reunion with Mr. Spock, who is serving as Pike’s science officer at the time. Rebecca Romijn said: “This is the story of the 10 years on the Enterprise – these are the 10 years that lead up to Captain Kirk on the Enterprise. So, this is Captain Pike and Number One and Spock is a science officer. We are senior than him, which is really funny because when is anyone ever higher up than Spock? “

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently being shot. However, these are about to be completed. So we should get to see the series in the coming year.

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