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According to a leak, Disney is planning a series of Star Wars films that will be structured similarly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. The first details of the story are also known – provided the leak corresponds to the truth.

It is an interesting leak on the future of Starwars surfaced. Two sources that had previously been right with their inside information on Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker and the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series released some exciting details.

Caution! Here are potential spoilers!

The future of Star Wars is said to be planned under the title "Project Luminous". This project includes not only films, but also other media such as computer games. "Project Luminous" takes us around 400 years before the Skywalker saga, during the weddings of the Old Republic. Disney is said to refer to the era as the "High Republic Era". We meet a younger Yoda who was a Jedi at the time.

The films are not a trilogy, but are probably structured similarly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are individual stories, but they are all related to one another. The story is said to be about a group of Jedi Knights who set out to explore the unknown regions of the galaxy. There they have to deal with several adversaries. These are three groups of enemies, one of which is something of a Sith god. The individual stories ultimately lead to an epic finale, similar to the Avengers films.

The entire "Project Luminous" is said to be based on the story that Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss made up before they left Disney. Author Laeta Kalogridis wrote the screenplay for the first film. This should come to the cinemas in 2022. Before that, however, we may experience a computer game in 2021, which also belongs to the "Project Luminous". An official announcement could be made later this month.

The interesting thing about these rumors is that they come from two independent sources. Both have been right with their leaks before. Jason Ward revealed about 90 percent of the story of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker before the movie released. The other source said months before the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series started, that the story revolves around the Mandalorian who finds a special child and needs to protect them. So it is quite possible that there is something in these rumors – but we will only know for sure when Disney officially comments on the future of Star Wars.

Source: Making Star Wars / Ziro.hu

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